• A film by  Philippe Lioret
  • With Pierre Deladonchamps, Gabriel Arcand
  • Genre Drama
  • Duration 98 minutes
  • Language Français
  • Director Philippe Lioret
  • Script Philippe Lioret, with the collaboration of Nathalie Carter
  • Cinematographer Philippe Guilbert
  • Editor Andréa Sedlackova


A Kid

Mathieu is 35, but he has never met his father. His late mother always told him that he was the result of a casual encounter.

One day, Mathieu receives a call telling him that his father was Canadian, and that he had just passed away. He also discovers that he has two step brothers and decides to go to the funeral in order to meet them. But once in Montréal, he realizes that nobody is aware of his existence or even interested in it. He is alone, in hostile territory…