• A film by  Jan Hrebejk
  • With Ondrej Vetchy, Ana Geislerova, Ludek Munzar
  • Genre Drama
  • Duration 99 min
  • Language Czech
  • Director Jan Hrebejk
  • Producer In Film Praha



You are a well-respected doctor working at a leading clinic. You and your family are well of. You have a beautiful, accomplished wife and an adolescent daughter you can see yourself in. You live in a big house in a nice part of town. You are a main in the prime of your life, a man at the centre of all things happening around you.

One day, all of a sudden, you wake up accused of a crime and you lose your freedom as well as the trust of everyone around you. All the threads that tied you to the world begin to snap one after the other. The sky comes crashing down on you... Are you guilty or not guilty ?