• A film by  Mathieu Amalric
  • With Denis Podalydes, Muriel Mayette, Loïc Corbery
  • Genre Drama
  • Duration 77 mins
  • Language French
  • Director Mathieu Amalric
  • Cinematographer Isabelle Razavet
  • Editor Annette Dutertre
  • Producer Les Films de Pierre, Maïa Cinéma
  • Costumes design Elisabeth Mehu
  • Music Marton Wheeler

The Screen Illusion

A father is looking for his son whom he last saw 10 years ago. The search leads him to a “Cave” inhabited by a wizard with the power to show him everything he has missed in his son’s life.

Mathieu Amalric’s cinema adaptation of Corneille’s classic is set in modern day France. The wizard has become a high end concierge and the Cave a Parisian luxury hotel.


Rotterdam Film Festival 2011 - Official Selection

Cinemart Barcelona 2011

Jerusalem Film Festival 2011

New Zealand International Film Festival 2011

Melbourne International Film Festival 2011