• A film by  Konstantin Bojanov
  • With Anyela Nedyalkova, Ovanes Torosyan
  • Genre Drama
  • Duration 86 mins
  • Language Bulgarian
  • Director Konstantin Bojanov
  • Script Konstantin Bojanov, Arnold Barkus
  • Cinematographer Nenad Boroevich, Radoslav Gotchev
  • Editor Stela Georgieva
  • Producer Element Ltd., Camera, KB Films
  • Costumes design Marina Yaneva
  • Music Tom Paul




While hitchhiking from Sofia to Ruse, Kamen meets Avé, a 17-year-old runaway girl. With each ride they hitch, Avé invents new indentities for them, and her compulsive lies get Kamen deeper and deeper into trouble. Reluctantly drawn into this adventure, Kamen begins to fall in love with the fleeting Avé.

Producers Methodius Petrikov, Dimitar Gotchev, Geoffroy Grison et Konstantin Bojanov

Production Element LTP, Camera LTP et KB Film