• A film by  Eric Gravel
  • With India Hair, Julie Depardieu, Yolande Moreau
  • Genre Comedy
  • Duration 85 min
  • Language French
  • Director Eric Gravel
  • Script Eric Gravel


Crash Test Aglae

Aglae, a young woman with a hopelessly rigid personality, has one reason for living: her job. She works in the crash test team of a car manufacturing plant. When the management announces that the activity will be relocated to India, she decides, to everyone’s astonishment, that she prefers to move there rather than lose her job. After all, she does enjoy playing cricket!

Together with two (reluctant) colleagues and an old shabby car as means of transportation, she embarks in an absurd journey to the end of the world, which will transform a fixed idea into an unlikely personal quest.