• A film by  Alejandro Landes
  • With Julianne Nicholson, Moisés Arias, Julian Giraldo, Sofía Buenaventura
  • Genre Drama
  • Language Spanish, English
  • Director Alejandro Landes
  • Script Alejandro Landes, Alexis Dos Santos
  • Cinematographer Jasper Wolf
  • Editor Fernando Epstein
  • Producer Stela Cine, Lemming Film, Pandora Film, Campo Cine, Snowglobe Film, Film I Vast, Mutante Cine, Bord


On a faraway Colombian mountaintop, what at first glance looks like a hedonistic summer camp, is actually the setting of a mission: child soldiers with guns and war names must make sure that Doctora, a kidnapped American woman, stays alive.

But when a battle approaches and a borrowed milk cow is killed by accident, playtime is over...


Producer: NO-FRANJA (Colombia)

Co-Producers: CAMPO CINE (Argentina), LEMMING FILM (The Netherlands), PANDORA FILM (Germany), MUTANTE CINE (Uruguay), LE PACTE (France), SNOWGLOBE FILM (Denmark), CARACOL TV (Colombia), CINECOLOMBIA (Colombia), VPRO (The Netherlands).